We are in information overload! We are not built to handle this never ending deluge of information from everywhere.. with an update every 2 weeks!


The buildup of stress is causing both serious mental and physical problems in our lives. The ability to process information has been dramatically reduced.


We need time out and a place to reset and get our minds and bodies back into gear and be "in the moment" Welcome to Paradise.

Experience a truly relaxing journey, that is Paradise Day Spa. Built around a large indoor lagoon, with 7 large themed areas.

Love Bali? ~ The Rainforest? ~ The serenity of the Daintree? ~ Magic of Eden?   There's a private area waiting for you to escape to.

Every element of our day spa and menu is created to provide you with not just a world class treatment, using natural products from around the globe but also a strong focus on a therapeutic experience that achieves your desired wellness result.. and more. Our Body experiences are deeply cleansing, leaving your skin nourished, soft and new. Our Paradise massages constantly receive 5 star hand written accolades from our many happy clients.. many leaving hand written 5 & 6 star reviews. Welcome to Paradise.

Over 1000 hand written reviews

Nature sets the course

Welcome to Paradise

to a healthier, happier you, with natural treatments all close to water in our different themed areas. As one said, "It's like going on holiday, without going on holiday!" || "Absolute perfection. I'm literally floating :) Thank you"

Elements of Nature

Paradise has created many experiences for you to enjoy and relieve the stress of this 'information overload' modern life

We need a break from this lot!

Escape to Paradise

for world class, relaxing, indulgent treatments and emerge, revived, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

Paradise is unique in Australia

Therapeutic experiences

There are two sides to Paradise. One is designed to relieve your stress, the other offers therapeutic escape experiences

Enter a stress free world

"It's like entering another world. You leave the stress of everyday life behind & come out feeling refresh & rejuvenated"

Information overload

This never ending deluge of information is damaging our mental and physical health We are not built for this!

We have over 1000 hand written testimonials, about clients experiences and treatments in Paradise, many 5 and 6 star. All available to view at reception.. Plus, read our 5 star Google reviews here
"It's like going on holiday.. without going on holiday!"

Escape to Paradise!

Escape to Paradise

Paradise Day Spa Eden treatment area, blue bubble walls and flowing waters
Paradise Day Spa Daintree area, water trickling down rocks and flowing stream
Hallways in Paradise Day spa. one for relaxation, the other for health benefits
Paradise Day Spa Daintree treatment area, water tricklimh doen rocks and flowing stream



Our signature treatments highlight the rejuvenating benefits of Paradise

Speciality Treatments