STOP PRESS: Our Premium Gift Vouchers last a full 3 years from date of Purchase!
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Treatment specific

We believe that a Gift Voucher should look like a gift!

You can purchase 'Treatment specific' vouchers. IE: A '1 hour massage' voucher or a 'Full facial' or a 'Body Wrap' or, you can buy a "$" value and they can spend it as they wish! - From $50 to $500, depending how much you want to put into it.
"WOW! Magnificent, I loved everything. I will be back" (Lyn)

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Out of town? Not a problem! You can also purchase our vouchers over the phone. This is handy if you live outside West Australia or are on FIFO up North. We can also post them out to you or direct.
PLUS our Vouchers are valid for 3 years!
We can even include a small note in the envelope.
"Have a great birthday Jasmine"~ Love Ricky

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Spa Packages

You can also purchase Gift vouchers for Day Spa Packages.
Ie: 'Bali Bliss Package' This includes a Full body scrub, 1 hr massage plus 1 hr French facial. (Allow 2.5 hours)
You also save money by purchasing a package over the individual treatments. + we understand people forget/misplace/move house, so ours are valid for 3 years!
"A beautiful relaxing experience - well done Sara" Our Vouchers Valid 3 years!