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COVID 19 Information

Frequently asked questions

FACE MASKS: Do I have to wear one?

No. WA Gov: Beauty Therapy: "For intimate and prolonged face-to-face treatments (e.g. eyelash treatments), the client and the practitioner may wish to wear mask" - Us: You may wear one if you wish. Link to WA Government Beauty information

Q: Do you have a COVID Safety Plan?
Q: Do I have to wait outside until my treatment time?
Q: Are your Therapist Covid 19 trained?
Q: Do you have alcohol-based hand sanitiser on hand?
Q: Staff Hygiene?
Q: Do you clean between treatments?
Q: Are you cashless or do you still take money?
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
Q: What about of I am too unwell?
What happens if I turn up sick?